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Stamina and the Search for Endings, Part 1

by Jack Cheng

Urubamba — I have walked more this past week than any other week of my life. On Wednesday we took a van into the mountains from Ollyantaytambo—myself, two friends from Cusco, the owner of the hostel where we were staying, an Italian couple and their friend who were volunteering at the same hostel, and the owner’s dog Maruru, who is named after an Amazonian water lily and doesn’t tire. The van drops us off at...

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Stamina and the Search for Endings, Part 2

by Jack Cheng

Urubamba — We leave Machu Picchu, the Italians and I, and walk along the train tracks to Hidroelectrica, about three hours away. He’s wearing a purple hat and scarf, she a white top with a purple undershirt; the...

Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu, Breathtaking

The surreal moment when you find out, hidden in the highest mountains, the answer for the thirst of your soul that you were looking for

by Yuli Guzman

Urubamba — Even though you’ve traveled to many beautiful places, there’s one place you’ll never forget, the wondrous ancient city of Machu Picchu in Peru, South America, an amazing archaeological site called the...

Stamina and the Search for Endings, Part 3

by Jack Cheng

Urubamba — By the morning I check out of my hostel in Santa Teresa I have twenty-five soles and three US dollars left. I head to the main plaza and ask the men waiting on the bench for cars how I can get back to...

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