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I feel really bad about her blue hands. As often happens in amateur experiments, first there is delight, then disaster.

by Shiloah Matic-Ma

Antipolo — You see, today, on this rainy ripe-for-boredom day, I vowed we’d try finger painting. It seemed easy enough—the blogs promised it would be. Ella came in from her outdoor playtime and found me with my hair in a bun, stirring flour, sugar and slowly boiling water in a sauce pot on the stove. “Mommy’s making paint for you,” I say. Of course she wanted to hold the whisk. We got through that part unsca...

motherhood, music, Perfect Moment

There's music playing and I'm writing at my desk, knowing that this moment is just too good to last long.

by Shiloah Matic-Ma

Antipolo — I started with Duncan Sheik only because he was just a few artists down from Disneyland Children’s Sing-Along Chorus, which had been on repeat ever since my daughter decided that Mommy’s Office was mo...

technology, Memories, motherhood

My 2008 MacBook Pro is circling the drain. Too soon, old friend.

by Shiloah Matic-Ma

Antipolo — Just last week, as I was working (or entertaining the delusion of productivity as it allowed me to), the thought crossed my mind that it and I could go on like this forever. A foolish thought in these...

motherhood, Hands-off, Milestone

I look away and when I look back, Ella has climbed up to the fourth step of the staircase.

by Shiloah Matic-Ma

Antipolo — Some divine force stops me from shouting, “Ella! You’re going to fall! Get down from there!” and I’m able to walk (quickly but outwardly calmly) over and say, “You’re up really high. Are you trying to...

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