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Once, my mind was in the South.

by Marion Esquillo

Cebu city — I went to her hometown for work: an overnight trip that welcomed my thoughtful self with open arms, stretched as wide as the equator. It was of jeepney rides, and of van rides, and of ferries scraping the skin of the sea. It was wonderful, to say the least. On the first day, I was alone. The others would come in the afternoon. From the plane, I was one acquainted with its face. And I loved it fro...


Tiredest old street of Cebu.

by Felix Quimbo

Cebu city — I have known this street for as long as I can remember. Decades ago, during school lunch break, I would trudge along one corner of Cebu’s longest and oldest street to enjoy the air conditioned comfor...

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How many times have you wondered who the real people are when you walk past a crowd?

by Crystal Diamonds

Cebu city — Whenever I go to crowded places I usually don’t over-think about who the real people are and who the “robots” are, but I can’t help having deep thoughts past midnight. Life is full of mysteries. How s...

Walk into the light... Always.

by Felix Quimbo

Cebu city — The QC Pavilion that used to house the Alliance Francaise, locked its toilets. You had to get a key to use one. When I asked somebody where the loo was, she told me to just go towards the light.

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