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Love, Prose

Skyline and Silence

by elen encina

Mandaluyong — “This.” Your eyes never left the view from beyond the glass windows. The blinds were drawn and we sat there staring at the not-so-amazing skyline. It was not like New York’s that has hundreds of skyscrapers crowding the horizon. No Empire State, no Chrysler, no Twin Towers. Nor was it like Chicago’s with equally-spaced and beautifully illuminated buildings. Neither does it have anything fancy like...

Family, inspiration

Until we meet again, Tatay...

by kat c

Mandaluyong — It was the kind of love that no one can put into words how great but doubters would always have something bad to say about. He was not my biological father. A Godfather only but people who just met u...

rainy day, Memories

Rainy Days

by elen encina

Mandaluyong — You remind me of wonderful childhood memories. Of bathing in the rain, running around and jumping on puddles, gloriying in the splashes of water I make. Of paper boats I let drift along the gutter, ho...


Longing for the sea...

by kat c

Mandaluyong — Feet submerged, Binded to the ocean floor. Wind blowing lightly, in trance with my past, present and future dreams. The stars, the moon, the dark sky, Engulfed in their shadows. Longing that they o...

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