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Resolutions, Presence

#3: Be present.

by Aaron Palabyab

Pasig — This is the view from the studio in the new office. With fewer clouds, you can even see the light glinting off the waters of Manila Bay. I’m grateful for new spaces and the freshness of mind they bring. It’s been a whole month or so since I last saw a sunset. Writing those words feels ridiculous. But it’s not just because of being stuck in a concrete jungle. It’s also because my head is constantl...

Misadventures, writer's block, sleep

The visit of 2 AM, and a page barely touched

by Marion Esquillo

Pasig — We stared at each other, our expressions blank. My pen was moving. Yet it, too, was shooting blanks. There was a poem whispering somewhere, knocking on my mind. But Sleep and Rumination had the louder...


Almost two years ago, I vowed to never love again...

by kat c

Pasig — 9 years was enough. It was such a long time for me to have given up on myself and my dreams to be full time to the family I was trying so hard to keep together despite all that is lacking which I kept...

Handwritten, Short story

The Indeterminate Values of a He and a She (Part 1 of Undefined)

by Marion Esquillo

Pasig — He was on his last steps for the day. He has walked approximately half a kilometre within the city’s intestine. He was the night sky’s extra layer of black upon the pavement. He was a contributor to t...

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