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A few days in my hometown

by Gueorgui Tcherednitchenko

Moscow — “So, what do you think of Moscow?”, asks my mom. I hadn’t been in town for two years, and though the pace of change isn’t as furious as in the dashing 90s, this city isn’t one to stand still. I ponder for a moment. “Well, it’s really good. And, well, really bad.” She doesn’t look satisfied. “What’s good?” “Everything”. All around me, things are slowly but surely improving. There’s less haphaz...

photography, Architecture, Travel

This is the Moscow metro system. It's busy, but very beautiful. A bit like myself.

by Conor MacNeill

Moscow — To tell you the truth, I wasn’t too enamoured with Moscow. This may have been partly due to the weather being grey for nearly the entire time. Another problem was the fact that you have to queue for h...

Отличный вид из окна моего рабочего места.

by Alisher Hasanov

Moscow — Ну в периоды когда я поднимаю глаза и вижу перед собой такое, я встаю со своего рабочего места и пытаюсь запечатлеть это на память. Вот этот момент собственно и представлен на картинке. Правда же обла...

Hello, everyone!

by Alexander Kuznetsov

Moscow — Heeeeey

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