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Graffiti, Reminders

Sometimes, it takes a piece of graffiti to remind you of what you should do

by Daniel Sparling

Ljubljana — I was having a nice day. The problem was that worries about what I would do that evening, and trying to squeeze in everything I wanted to do then, meant I didn’t let myself enjoy what I was doing, I didn’t sit back and feel the pleasantness of the present. (And I still didn’t do everything I wanted). Rush less, worry less, enjoy more.


Yesterday I jumped over three holes in the ground, the third one made my phone fly out of my pocket.

by Rok Pregelj

Ljubljana — The screen only got chipped at the top left side but it seems that’s enough for the phone not to work anymore. My Strava ride didn’t matter anymore. I wasn’t too bummed out. I knew I only had to take...

romance, movies, technology

After the movie we ran to a cafe to discuss every single thought that occurred to us whilst watching. There was a lot to talk about.

by Rok Pregelj

Ljubljana — “Her” made us question everything we knew about relationships. And being so new in this and thinking about it so much lately—each notion moved something in us. Made us reconsider, reflect and in the e...

Getting Started

Which photos do you show photographers? Which piano pieces do you play a pianist? What do you discuss with someone you're in love with?

by Rok Pregelj

Ljubljana — You get to know someone new, say she’s a respected pianist and you can’t help but crumble under the weight of the world any time you’re sitting at home and a piano piece comes on—this is her thing, an...

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