Stories in Johannesburg

Violence and Overcoming

Mandela taught us better.

by Rachel Ceasar

Johannesburg — In a city with a deep history of apartheid, in the wake of xenophobic attacks, a group of schoolchildren remind us that “Madiba [Mandela] Taught Us Better.”

poetry, Christmas, South Africa

Baobab Christmas Tree -- Christmas in Johannesburg

by Judson Duryea

Johannesburg — This is a little poem I wrote, this is my first time experiencing Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere: Baobab Christmas Tree by J. B. Duryea Far to the north winter bites. Wind and cold blur Chri...

Prose, Life

Judgment vs. Understanding

by Rian van der Merwe

Johannesburg — Life decisions are never one-dimensional. Yet we often simplify the decisions others make to squash it into a context that’s easy to understand, because that’s human nature. The problem is that trying...

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