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Maybe someday I'll miss this: midnight walks alone, a stranger in a strange land.

by Aaron Palabyab

Madrid — It’s my forty-fifth day in Spain, one week after the end of an intense film shoot up in the north. Now I’m in Madrid, without a plan, holed up in an apartment on my own for the next few days. I took a midnight walk because it’s Saturday night and I didn’t want to be stay in, on the prowl for something I knew I wouldn’t find. And soon it hit me. All these hours on my own, guiltily wishing I weren...

Corners, Maps, Wandering

Finding the corner

by Steve Dearden

Madrid — Maybe the best way to read this to scroll up so you can’t see the photo you’ve just looked at again, or maybe screw one eye up so you can read the words but the picture drops out of focus. Driving ou...

Eating alone in the terrace. Listening to the endless repetitions of a piano student mixed with the noise of the city. It's not very hot here. And I'm sad.

by Javier Arce

Madrid — Things I’m currently hearing: A piano apprentice repeating the same melody. A distant plane. My next door neighbors making dinner and chatting. Some cars. A couple talking in the street. The wind.

Street Walks, Madrid, Spain

Oldschool Señor. He is an elegant gentleman in a blue suit with a tissue in the lapel, a well groomed man with a trail of fancy cologne in his wake.

by Jose Luis Pindado

Madrid — Before the metrosexual and hipsterism He was there.

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