Stories in Valencia

Weddings, photography, sunsets

Real or just pretending?

by Steve Dearden

Valencia — We were driving back from Valencia and took a detour to see the lake. We didn’t expect the sunset, we didn’t expect the row of photographers lined up with their tripods, we didn’t expect the couple o...

City walks, City views

A snapshot in the rain.

by Riccardo Mori

Valencia — I lifted my iPhone up and shot, without even looking. Sometimes you have to let serendipty work without interfering much. For me, there’s something that just clicks with this photo — no pun intended. ...

The Sea, City walks

Two people, the sea, and the breeze.

by Riccardo Mori

Valencia — I live by the sea, but I’m not the type of person you’ll find hanging around at the beach or going for a swim. But I love walking by the sea in winter, or at times of the day when it’s quiet, or when ...

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