Ko siboya

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by Cassie Marketos

Ko siboya — We’re an interesting mix of people here — always coming and going. Nobody talks to each other until 5 PM, when it’s time for the nightly game of volleyball. Then we’re all pals and slapping each other...

Travel, Prose

/sent from mobile.

by Cassie Marketos

Ko siboya — Rented a motorbike yesterday. It took some getting used to: heavy metal between my legs and the quick, eager thrust of the engine. Drove across the one road of the island. My backpack is lighter becau...

Tide's in.

by Cassie Marketos

Ko siboya — Random Reflections on Nothing From Nowhere: I haven’t been eating enough. There is only one restaurant here and no grocery stores, so consumption is a highly public affair, over lots of gin and cupfu...

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