Stories in Fethiye

the old way

by Isabelle Luna

Fethiye — This road is made of stones. You can’t drive on it any more, for it’s broken in places, and there is a new, asphalt road which hairpins between the two ridges on the way to Kaya. I don’t know how old ...

birthday, Cake

It was my friend's birthday and I make a funny cake.

by Isabelle Luna

Fethiye — Actually I have three friends with this birthday. This particular friend, Klas, is an eccentric swede currently obsessed with wild plants and seeds. So I baked a lemon poppyseed pound cake with gorge...

Road on a December afternoon.

by Isabelle Luna

Fethiye — I wonder how one can be so filled with the beauty of places, and feel just as alone, walking up these roads. Heading home to tea and soup, plastic bag with carton of eggs and sack of sugar clutched in...

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