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by Kenna Marcelo

Dubai — Dear Dad, Winter is almost over in the desert. Soon freezing nights (well freezing at least in my opinion, you know how I despise cold weather as much as I hate tropical climate) will be replaced by sweat-filled dreams and more CO2 emissions than usual. It isn’t that hot yet though and for some reason I feel that this change in season is affecting my life more than it should. It’s as if I placed ...


Riding the train, venturing to the unknown.

by Ryan Toh

Dubai — We didn’t know where this train was taking us, but it was taking us to a place we ought to be heading to.

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Manila bound. From where things are not as glorious as people back home thinks it is.

by Ianne Villanueva

Dubai — My feet itched when my watch said 10:50 PM. The gates were just opened. Eager people lined up the counter. Balikbayans, as we endearingly call them, translates to literally: those who return to the co...

There is always a few moments of confusion when you wake up in a new city.

by Rian van der Merwe

Dubai — I did a quick work trip to Dubai, and by quick I mean I was on the ground for a total of 30 hours. It was weird arriving at 3am with the temperature at 36 C (97 F), at 80% humidity. That kind of heat ...

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