Stories in Belfast

After a week, the snow covering the Bled webcam has cleared to give a stunning view of the lake, castle and church.

by Davy Sims

Belfast — We are heading to Bled in four weeks and staying near to where the webcam is situated. There is been something of a natural disaster to the south west of Slovenia, but Bled is looking fab!

4 weeks 4 days until we go back to Slovenia. Screenshot of Kranjska Gora will have to do for now

by Davy Sims

Belfast — Last time I was in KG was 53 weeks ago. Then in September Dawn and I were in Ljubljana and Bled. We are going back to Bled in early March. I hope there is still snow in KG when we go there for a day.

At a desk, trying to decipher a funding report.Failing.

by Peter Huey

Belfast — The reality that I’ve reached a place in life where this statement applies is perhaps the wider issue here.

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