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I always say that Brighton is the place where young people come to retire.

by Pete Barr-Watson

Brighton — Brighton is full of coffee shops, like nowhere else I know in fact. There’s a sense in Brighton, that life is for enjoying whenever you can, however you can. I always say that Brighton is the place where young people come to retire. Those coffee shops, are full of young mothers with pushchairs the size of Mini’s; full of nomadic journalists and technologists tapping away of keyboards; full of int...


Cafés I have known... Coffee @33. Gentle discoursing, app controlled micro-roasting, Portuguese custard tart stacking, UK election escaping room of requirement.

by Pete Barr-Watson

Brighton — @33 is a haven of friendly smiles and witty banter. Not the most comfortable of hangouts to be honest (badly stuffed coffee sacks…) but it’s a minor niggle when you get to see a steady stream of eng...

Chamonix, mountains, Travel

Just, Scale...

by Pete Barr-Watson

Brighton — There’s a building, in this picture. The structure is the size of an average farmyard barn. It’s discovery will give you the scale of these mountains against the size of us. I took this photo after w...

A rare place; the back of Zu Studios in Lewes. How long will this little oasis persist?

by Carina Westling

Brighton — Zu Studios, at Phoenix Industrial Estate in Lewes, is a gentle oasis, filled with weird and wonderful loveliness, occasional events (some full on parties, others cinema or performance soirees). The ma...

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