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Graffiti, The Rules, Colour

No stopping, except artists

by Daniel Sparling

Bristol — This is Bristol. It is the colour, vibrancy, culture and creativity of the people that make up this city. This is a building on Nelson Street, formerly a typical dull, grey, lifeless street in the centre until a few years ago when it was transformed with street art. Shortly after I moved to Bristol I was walking with my house-mate to the cinema one evening and we did not expect too find Nelson St...

Lighting, Fiction


by Daniel Sparling

Bristol — You watch the flickering of the only light on. The only light that is ever on in this house. It is in the room furthest from the front door. You have never seen her. You know she is in there though. ...

Fall, walking

Autumnal park walking. Usual morning break from studio, accompanied by contrasting audio. Metal Dance 2, Trevor Jackson, 'dark wave'.

by Tom Carwardine

Bristol — Sometimes reading (in this case CraigMod’s piece about Hi, hence my signup + sketch) with inappropriate audio works. Sometimes it doesn’t and is way too distracting, causing a fight in my brain. I thi...

Hard at work

by Elliot Jay Stocks

Bristol — Running design decisions past my best friend

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