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We didn't expect to see Treebeard!

by Adrian Tribe

Dartford — I was rather taken by this tree that we saw as we walked by the River Darent in Lullingstone yesterday afternoon. It reminded me of Treebeard, although I suspect it was not as old as him!

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Today's Commute, landscapes

A beautiful view on my way home

by Adrian Tribe

Dartford — I hurriedly snapped this photo while my train home was zooming across this viaduct. That’s the River Darent below, and beyond that the picturesque village of Eynsford. In the other direction along t...

Railways, history, Architecture

She doesn't look bad for a 152 year-old

by Adrian Tribe

Dartford — This is Eynsford Viaduct, opened in 1862. A bit tatty in places, with patches of more modern brickwork, but still serving its purpose of carrying trains across the Darenth Valley to London and back.

spring, flowers

Spring is bursting out all over!

by Adrian Tribe

Dartford — I know I’ve put a blossom photo up on Hi before (see ‘Spring blossom’), but this was looking so beautiful this afternoon while we were out enjoying the lovely villages along the Darenth Valley that I ...

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