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Seaside, Holidays, sunrise

Seaside Summer Sunrise

by Adrian Tribe

Great yarmouth — For the record I must make it clear right from the start that I did not take this photograph. I was still asleep at the time! My daughter is the one to be congratulated not only for getting up at a ridiculous hour during our holiday (it was a one-off!), but also for taking such a good photo. This was taken not long after sunrise on the beach at Caister, looking out towards the North Sea and the...

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Holidays, Insects, beauty

Dragons and Damsels (in distress?)

by Adrian Tribe

Great yarmouth — One of the many delights on the Norfolk Broads is the abundance of insects that love being around water. The photo above shows a beautiful Dragonfly - a male Common Darter I believe. These sometimes...

Insects, Holidays, beauty

Flutter by, butterfly

by Adrian Tribe

Great yarmouth — I love butterflies. Although there are a number of fairly drab examples that can be found in England, here’s one of the more colourful ones - a Red Admiral. I came across this one resting in the mo...

Holidays, Seaside, time

Beach sundials

by Adrian Tribe

Great yarmouth — Entropy always wins, and especially so on a North Sea beach. The once-shiny concrete-filled iron posts driven into the sand at Caister in a zig-zag pattern at intervals down the beach, presumably in...

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