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There are different ways and degrees of settling down. I have usually been wary of them, perhaps out of ignorance.

by Marlon Jones

Sherborne — The question of settling reminds me of FBI agent Dale Cooper, in Twin Peaks, who not only pursues the case, but also forms attachments with the town and its residents. He advises the local sheriff to...

Baseball, japaneseBaseball

We've heard the cliché about an object that could tell its story.

by Marlon Jones

Sherborne — Sometimes, expertise can make an object speak about upheavals and historical moments. My glove has a more trivial value, as one of those objects that activates memory and habit to help us navigate ba...


You might think that moving at least once a year for fifteen years shows alienation, a pathological flight.

by Marlon Jones

Sherborne — You might also think that finally spending three years in one place would have allowed me to become properly acquainted with this place, with more than a tourist’s knowledge, but actually, it seems t...

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