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Cities, walking, time

Timeslip 1

by Steve Dearden

Wakefield — I have been walking about looking through the eyes of Xoriyo, an eight year old Somali girl who is one of the characters in an online piece I am making as Writer in Residence at Wakefield Literature Festival. Xoriyo is temporarily housed with her family in the notorious Initial Accommodation Centre for asylum seekers, Angel Lodge, located under the walls of Wakefield Prison next to the railway st...

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cafes, God, mac

Lyn is glad to see that God is in Create Cafe.

by Steve Dearden

Wakefield — The mornings she sees him on her way to the library upstairs, she knows she will have a good day. The mornings he is not, she knows will be full of irritating enquiries from bad tempered people, or un...

writing, Changing cities, movement

Not one moment, 94 moments ...

by Steve Dearden

Wakefield — In 94 days the next Wakefield Litfest will start. There are 94 sections in Wakelost Wakefound, my commission as the Festival’s 2013/14 Writer in Residence. Part online novella, part photo essay, it f...

Cities, paths, Architecture

Timeslip 2

by Steve Dearden

Wakefield — The new station caused my second timeslip. I set the piece I am making as Writer in Residence at Wakefield Literature Festival in the vague present. Clara, a retired intelligence officer living in a ...

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