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I take a photo everyday, but today I brought this one with me.

by Steve Dearden

York — If I posted a photo taken today you’d see why I needed to carry this one, taken last time I crossed Lendal Bridge six weeks ago. I needed it to get me through this miserably wet Wednesday and I’ll need others to get me across the long bridge of grey rainy days ahead through December, January, February. Whoever thought having a sky the colour of pavement was a good idea should be sent back to desi...

running, Life


by Mark Ivkovic

York — Cut hair. Trim nails. Pre-make recovery shake. Hydrate. Check Weather. Get dressed. Right shoe first. Stretch. Fresh Brew Espresso. Drink. Breathe. Press “begin workout” and lean into the pain.

photography, Art, Honesty

Make Them Think

by Mark Ivkovic

York — This Sunday I decided to bring a few quotes from those I respect and admire in the world of photography. “If it isn’t in the frame, it does not exist.” – Avedon 
Sounds kind of dumb right, well not ...

Dawn, Skyline, Silhouette

Dawn, and the silhouette of All Saints Pavement

by Paul Capewell

York — “The elegant lantern on top of the tower is visible from many parts of the city. It was built around 1400. Throughout the mediaeval period, the light was kept burning at night to guide travellers int...

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