Stories in Atlanta

Three Lumen Prints. Roland Barthes. Retractable Fountain Pen.

by Julia Lee

Atlanta — By now, Starbucks at the Oxford Road Building at Emory should be a mundane place for me; I come here almost every day, sometimes twice a day. But every visit is distinguished by what I’m working on t...

Travel, Public Transportation, Airplanes

Trying out "Hi" while literally high (up).

by Sean J. O'Neil

Atlanta — So I hadn’t even remembered signing up for Hi until I received my invite today. As a theatre teacher and artist, I’m fascinated by the way technology can impact storytelling, so Hi piqued my interest....

Hob Nob: one of the few reasons I miss Atlanta.

by Allan Lazenby

Atlanta — I used to love all the life that ebbed and flowed out of this place while I lived in Atlanta. It added spice to the punk rock goulash of borderline-haute cuisine and bingo night atmosphere. The wood...

nostalgia, Prose

It’s that time of the year again. But for the third year now ...

by Elysia H

Atlanta — we won’t be meeting by the fountain. The tradition was short-lived but felt significant. From the time we met through the time I left, it was always in October that we met there and enjoyed each other...

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