Stories in Augusta

Parenting, motherhood, Love

Watching angels dream

by Crystal Sullivan

Augusta — I live for these beautiful, ordinary moments. Nestled in my bed are two precious angels: my daughter and son. They are curled up in sunlight and blankets, their golden hair wild on the pillows. Tangl...

Art, drawing, Life of an Artist

"There is nothing worse than a waste of talent." 20 years later my best friend's father's words still haunt me. I do not want to disappoint.

by Crystal Sullivan

Augusta — When I was a senior in art school I got engaged. I was 22. Instead of congratulations my professor looked squarely into my eyes and asked, “Will you ever create art again?” I thought his question was...

photography, Winter

Winter holds on in northern New England. I crave the sun's warmth. Wanderlust has brought me to this abandoned building. It's quiet except for the wind whistling.

by Crystal Sullivan

Augusta — The day began warm in bed, laying entangled with the most amazing man. I knew I had to get up early. The baby would soon cry for me and the next 12 hours I would be filled with responsibility. Winter...

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