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There's nothing attractive about a 14-year-old

by rebel green

Bainbridge island — Last night at the bar I ordered a beer and while waiting for it I felt the gaze of the man sitting next to me. I turned to him, met his eyes and he said, “You look like you’re 14.” My posture stiffened, “Excuse me?” “You look like you’re 14,” he repeated. “No I heard you.” “It’s a compliment.” I paused as a primal sense of fear began to well in my chest, an alarm that has not sounded within m...

Goats, Babies, farming

Christmas Morning to a Jewish Goat Farmer

by Mira Rosenkotz

Bainbridge island — Growing up Jewish, my sister and I had no idea the excitement or anticipation kids get on Christmas morning. Sometimes my friends would tell me they wished I could experience it, that they felt bad be...

chaos, Mothers, Tender Hands

With a Mouth as Wide

by rebel green

Bainbridge island — For those times you raised your hand at me but stopped yourself, I thank you. And for those times you couldn’t, I forgive you. I’m grown now and know the bottle’s bite See how seconds of a clock fa...

ceramic, hands, waves


by rebel green

Bainbridge island — I want to break everything that you own Make you look at all the pieces lying on the floor Wonder how any of it was ever whole to begin with. Waiting for the day you choose experience as the proces...

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