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Ocean, Wonder, Camping

Here the sky comes to meet the earth.

by Sonja Daebelliehn

Big sur — Here the sky comes to meet the earth. The enormity of it brings us to silence as we crest the hill in old-worn pickups and the reproduced voices of Elton John and Queen, drops open our mouths and stil...

Travel, friendship

Road tripping with EG

by Dani Z

Big sur — Years ago, EG told me that when people die it is not just the loss of their company we mourn, but the loss of the self we were with them. Every moment spent with someone is a memory created, one that...


"Don't forget to look back!"

by Paul Baron

Big sur — The advice was being passed down the race pack as encouragement and as a reminder that no matter the hardships ahead (namely the 5-km ascent to Hurricane Point) we were all running this race for the b...

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