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relationships, poetry

If you wanted her to stay...

by líadan rí

Bodega bay — you don’t spend her like spare change. you don’t toss her like old papers and magazines. you don’t get to use her and then abuse her, or ignore her like she was just another notch in your bed post. you keep her like she’s a precious stone, protect her like a national treasure, hold her like she’s a crystal swan. you treat her like a diamond, beautiful and unbreakable, and when she cuts you,...

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simplicity is a grilled cheese sandwich, happiness is a pumpkin bagel.

by líadan rí

Bodega bay — Once a week, I get a grilled cheese sandwich, a cup of tomato soup, and a whiskey sour. Every day, if I have some extra cash, I get a pumpkin bagel with apple cinnamon smear from Noah’s. One of these ...

Beaches, snippets, emotions

Runaway Spot.

by líadan rí

Bodega bay — I am a solitary creature. I like my space, I don’t like people invading that space, but I don’t mind sharing that space when I become close with someone. But when something happens to throw me into an...


World on fire.

by líadan rí

Bodega bay — I wanted to burn everything the day I saw this sunset.

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