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Of Pancakes

by Jace Cooke

Boulder — The process starts with a 37-year-old electric griddle, almost certainly a wedding gift, received when he was 21 but looked 16, hours after walking Mom down the steps of the Naval Academy Chapel. He can tune the heat within 2 degrees, knowing just which temp creates that pure golden underside, haloed in brown as the first bubbles form on top. When the surface stabilizes, he sends a slug of butte...

Cycling, mountains, Memory

The Super Walker

by Jace Cooke

Boulder — The plan: climb 2500 feet on pavement for the privilege of climbing 1500 on dirt. Now turn around and climb 1000 more home. On a singlespeed. How hard could it be? [27:00] I’m out of the saddle, I ...

Outdoors, mountains, Cycling

Being Mortal in the Mountains

by Jace Cooke

Boulder — Start early. Go slow. Bring layers. Expect change: in the weather, the terrain, yourself. Try new positions. Develop a rhythm. Talk to yourself. Hydrate. When the going’s easy, go a little eas...

Cycling, Self

7 weeks & 1000 miles

by Jace Cooke

Boulder — Or an average of 1.55 hours / day on the bike since moving west. Hill climbs, group rides, lunch rides, dirt rides, recovery rides, mountain pass descents in stinging rain, aimless wiggles down farm ...

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