Stories in Bremen

World, Small People, Notice

We are us - and we are the world

by A. Lowry

Bremen — Okay - I don’t really know how to start this, but this is for us. This is for the small people in the world. We - the small people - are important. The one’s you will never see, well, they are the one...

darkness, light, Good vs. Evil

I wasn't born in the light

by A. Lowry

Bremen — A little poem to go with the theme: To be born in the light is good, To be born in the dark is just as good, Because in the dark, You must find the light. Thats a little thing by me. I kinda writ...

Life, Death, The Earth

Life and Death

by A. Lowry

Bremen — Sometimes I’m just thinking… what would happen if I just dropped dead on the spot? Would I still be me? Will I go to Heaven? Will I go to Hell? What will be my fate? Will people remember me? Will I ...

Paris, Love, #sotrue

Paris isn't the city of love.

by A. Lowry

Bremen — The city of love is the city you make it. Some girls dream of going to Paris and marrying this french genius or whatever they think to be, but they don’t. They won’t find some stranger for a husband -...

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