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Myriad conflicting feelings about the morning breakfast table. So many electronic devices and then, the photo snapped with another.

by Karen Wieckert

Brentwood — The entire family is together. Each person chose their own healthy breakfast — hot or cold cereal. Coffee - two different types (drip and press), green tea. Two MacBooks, an iPad, and an HTC smart phone. iPhone used to snap the photo. reddit on one device, feedly on two others, and email/web browser (pointed to online NYTimes). And to boot, there is the New Yorker — a new addition to the ...

Home with traditional look and odd native plants.

by Karen Wieckert

Brentwood — Early morning in the ‘burbs. Coffee, computer, silence. Light has not yet pierced the skies. Dogs are fed. Rest of family still asleep — oops, thud of some large foot hitting the floor above. Livi...


by Karen Wieckert

Brentwood — Warning actually… I snapped many photos on the run today, thinking I would share them with my new toy Hi. But the photos were mostly of infrastructure — all of the man made, maintained elements f...

Note how the eyebrows turn down...

by Karen Wieckert

Brentwood — As beautiful and serene as the arboretum can be…

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