Stories in Buffalo

When I'm mad I cry. Because if you keep talking I'm gonna hurt you.

by nyla burton

Buffalo — Not because you think you hurt me, or I’m weak, but because I feel bad about what I’m about to do to you if you keep talking.

Hi I'm just girl who hates her life and is going to move to Manchester when she is older

by Phangirl Di Angelo

Buffalo — I hate America honestly and I don’t give a fuck like if you love America you go on doing so but in my opinion England and Britain are way fucking better so yeah if you don’t agree f**k off cause if yo...

I hate myself and wish that I could meet my internet friends because they sound like the best people ever

by Phangirl Di Angelo

Buffalo — I mean these people are amazing and stuff like they back me up on shit and are always there for me they are better than real fucking “friends” like hello internet friends support you and are willing t...

Cross-Country Adventure, moving

#15 A little dispersed camping in Bighorn National Forest // Acampada libre en el Parque Forestal de Bighorn

by Pamela Drouin

Buffalo — We drove around a while before we found the perfect spot to camp - because we were determined to do some “dispersed camping,’ which is another way of saying you set up camp wherever for free. We nestl...

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