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Train Stations, Musicians, City Life

Subway tunes

by Christine Herrin

Cambridge — It was a perfect day in Boston. A little too warm for what I was wearing (the weather said thunderstorms! I looked like a silly person in a sweater and boots in the 26°C sun.) The itinerary was simple: breakfast at a local diner near the HBS dorms, walk walk walk, find lobster rolls for dinner. (Because… Boston.) I shouldn’t have been traveling. My past self — oh, Christine! — had waaaay too m...

The Sixties, drugs

Another Sixties Flashback

by David Wade Chambers

Cambridge — In 1960 I entered the Graduate program at Harvard. The next year I was recruited by Richard Alpert of the Psychology Department to become a subject in an experimental program involving the ingestion...

running, Prose, Motionlessness

Today I ran along the Charles River. And not just physically.

by Cherie Hu

Cambridge — The most effective way to cleanse yourself of your fears, inhibitions, mistakes, regrets… is to run. Run physically, run mentally, run incessantly, and run passionately. Today marks the last day of...

Books, School, thinking

A key, an illuminated apple, a Samuel Beckett anthology, an invisible self.

by Cherie Hu

Cambridge — In the shadow … of Samuel Beckett: … we must not … restrict ourselves to … mining for an … answer to every … problem we face … but rather we … must bask in … the vast spaces … crea...

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