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Fleedwood mac, Daft Punk, Live Recording

Fleetwood Mac and Daft Punk

by rebel green

Champion — The only music I like to hear recorded live. Also, Eagle’s Hotel California. Also also, whoever started the drama around someone’s ability to finish a bottle of wine to themselves is SOFT.

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Whiskey, Adulthood, Hemingway

When the bright idea to drink hits you

by rebel green

Champion — Choose whiskey. You may not want to spend twenty dollars on a pint of the finer stuff but you’re older now; a fifth feels excessive and a lower grade feels embarrassing. Never mind that you’re unempl...

smoking, quitting, Not Quitting

Nicotine withdrawal is so real

by rebel green

Champion — There is not one inch of my body that doesn’t want a cigarette right now. There are chunks of time every day - they seem long when I’m experiencing them but are probably just moments among so many - ...

transparency, burning dogs, Snow

Ladybugs make good company

by rebel green

Champion — When you’ve been by yourself a while it’s comforting to see living things going about their business. Makes you feel like you’re not missing out on something. They find their way into my cabin somehow...

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