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water, nature

"Water does not dissipate, water just takes you and goes."

by Samantha Harrington

Chapel hill — I spent today’s golden hour by the creek. It rippled and sang as it swirled over rocks that got in its way. We’ve had a lot of rain lately. I wonder what stories have been swept up in the current.

Morocco, Full Moon, Mornings

Missing waking up to Moroccan moon-sets.

by Samantha Harrington

Chapel hill — Class, work, class, homework. The well-oiled hum of this college life. There was a time, not so long ago, when none of that mattered. There were still classes, still homework, still exams. But they...

Growing Up, Memory, lost

forever in darkness

by Samantha Harrington

Chapel hill — Been playing with watercolors and people. Playing with memory too I guess. Color’s in the past. It streaming behind us, an endless reel of people, places and emotion. I don’t know what comes next....

photography, night, summer

Afraid of the dark

by Samantha Harrington

Chapel hill — I like taking photos when the lighting is best. I shy away from noon, and entirely avoid the night. The variations of dark that are wrapped up in a night seem to be impossible to photograph.

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