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I don't understand sports.

by Colin Wright

Columbia — I understand the social importance of sports. The theory of it, at least. Sports are a modern iteration of our historical battles and territorial scuffles. A way to tribe-up and compete, with slightly less bloodshed and grunting and blind group-ism than you would have had a few thousand years ago. Slightly less. What I don’t get is the interest in obsessing over something that’s so focused on co...


Columbia is a city of the 90's

by Colin Wright

Columbia — Pre-‘American Idiot’ Greenday plays on the radio. Unironic bursts of easy listening music waltz tandem with the same pop that filled my radio-tethered teenage summers. Oasis. Soundgarden. That song ‘...

Comic Books, magic, Cards

All you need to know about my childhood

by Colin Wright

Columbia — Life is cyclical. I was in the gifted program as a child, and all of the students (and teachers) played a collectible card game called Magic: The Gathering. I snagged a deck, learned to play, and end...

Church, Mass, Cake

Tacky cakes > Communion wafers

by Colin Wright

Columbia — I was raised Catholic. Any time I tell someone that, I can feel them thinking, “And what are you now?” Because it’s understood that very few people raised within The Church stay with The Church becau...

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