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photography, Publishing, Books

It's official. I'm a photographer once again.

by Daniel Milnor

Costa mesa — I thought it was over. Done. Never again. That Tuesday when I’d had enough and deleted my main email account. Severed like an artery. And then I stepped away, put the little box down and picked up a pen and paper. It felt like I had just finished a good book with a bad ending. My soul needed a new author, a new chapter to begin, so I began looking for what I thought would be peaceful. I didn’t re...

Memories, Artifacts, Travel

Found these travel artifacts tucked away in my bookcase.

by Donovan Bui

Costa mesa — Leftover coins (rupees, koruna, forint, yen), shampoo packets, maps & stubs, magnets, boarding passes and tickets to attractions, napkins from fantastic restaurants, Tina’s name sewn on a paper. ...

music, nostalgia, Love

He sang Ordinary People, and it was like we were on the bicycle in Hoi An all over again.

by Donovan Bui

Costa mesa — That day, two years and about eight months ago, we shared a bicycle. Hoi An’s busy town was distant now. We stopped at a sleepy cafe that had no guests until we sat down. I remember wishing for the ic...

flowers, gardens, Gnomes

A Spring Bloom. 

by Nathan Kuntz

Costa mesa — There is a subtle transcendence in the quiet of an afternoon. An expectation. An excitement. Today, I will savor its texture and tone. Today, I will slow down the moment, crawl inside it, and explo...

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