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The Other Detroit

by Jack Cheng

Detroit — It usually ends here: A blinking blue cursor, a thumb hovering over a button marked Send, rumpled sheets in the metallic morning light. A message you’ve sent countless times: “I’m feeling kinda out of it. Just going to stay in today.” You met J. at a conference three days before. There’s a hot springs—he’d said—a couple hours outside of Portland, that some friends had recommended. The words “hot ...

Enjoy the Ride, Detroitcity, life moment

When you are in the perfection of the moment nothing has to make sense nothing really matters.

by Nadia Bakkour

Detroit — We were in this moment, nothing really made sense and nothing really mattered. We loved ourselves unconditionally, accepted ourselves unconditionally. We had no worries about yesterday or tomorrow. A...

Travel, birthday, friendship

It was the day before my 29th birthday. Last minute I decided to go to Detroit.

by Penelope Louisa

Detroit — I haven’t been to Detroit since 2010 for work. This time I’m helping a friend move from Chicago. I know over the past 4 years Detroit have been slowly reviving itself. I was excited to see what change...

running, accidents, Hope

The day I fell while running was full of blue sky and sunshine.

by Angie Shinozaki

Detroit — Humans are born with only two fears. One of them is the fear of falling. Even though I’m a runner, I never really gave much thought to this. Then on June 2, 2011, I fell on my face. I will never f...

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