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Family, Easter, Humour

The Rant of the Ham

by Stephanie Sommers

Douglas — Long ago in the way back time, my uncle lived across town from me in Laramie. I managed a gourmet candy store at the time, so as you can imagine, this time of year was busy. After the hell that is the week before Easter I want to rest. I want to spend my holiday relaxing. But he called me and guilted me into driving over to his place for Easter Sunday Dinner. He called at a particularly bad time. ...

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Memory, Joy, Life History

Choose the Moment

by Stephanie Sommers

Douglas — Very rarely do I lament the alternate realities I might have lived had one moment or another gone differently than it did in my current reality, and rarely do I dwell on the few things I didn’t do whe...

spring, home, Rebirth

Lovely Spring for a Moment

by Stephanie Sommers

Douglas — This morning is one of those beautiful bits of early Spring that happen in Wyoming where dawn comes dim and rainy with a fresh clean washed watercolour come to life on the other side of the window. It...

CatMom, home, Humour

Adventures in CatMommyhood

by Stephanie Sommers

Douglas — Reminder to self: FIRMLY SHUT DOOR WHEN CLEANING BATHROOM SINK. I got a wild hair to clean the bathroom sink at 1am, don’t ask me why I don’t even know. But I am elbow deep in powdered sink cleanser...

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