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Found: Crepe myrtle, bench, asparagus, lavender

by Melinda Hunt

Durham — Found this morning: Crepe myrtle clusters as big as my head (I almost don’t miss lilacs because of these beauties). A bench that says “Dedicated to the one I love” in my favorite Durham park. Overgrown, feathery asparagus in the urban wild (makes me think of my mother). Lavender, a sprig fondled and put in my pocket along with my notes, now the paper and my words smell soothing.

Day of Nothing: actually, many small something's , and some nothing... but everything consciously chosen.

by Melinda Hunt

Durham — https://soundcloud.com/melhunt/day-of-nothing-moment-sketch This day is designated for doing Nothing (although there are several somethings that I have committed to doing today and some that I simply...

garden, Color, Family

Thanks for the oxygen.

by Samantha Harrington

Durham — I’m scared, sometimes. I worry, a lot, that I’m not living my life the way that I should be. I live 940 miles from my parents’ house. I’d have to drive 15 hours—plus a couple for traffic in Chicago-...

Travel, sea, Cynefin

I hadn't seen the Atlantic in over two years.

by Kristin Nehs

Durham — Nine months I’d been in Durham, in the middle of the state, landlocked. Before that, two years in Oregon with the Pacific on my left, a strange, cold ocean. Before that? Fifteen years in Florida, whic...

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