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gratitude, Goodbyes

The upside of goodbye (a letter to my students)

by Donovan Bui

Fountain valley — As I sign your yearbooks, and read the cards and letters you’ve written me, I see the upside of saying good-bye. There is an indefinite amount of goodwill, friendship, and hope that we finally can exp...

Travel, Memories, India

I remember India

by Donovan Bui

Fountain valley — A couple of nights ago, I remembered getting on a cold, cramped train at 2 in the morning. I saw myself there again, waking up strangers with my nervous steps as I looked for my bunk. I finally got my...

childhood, Memories, soccer

In 1996, I was a little Saigon boy watching something I didn't quite understand.

by Donovan Bui

Fountain valley — It was Euro Cup 1996, and all I knew was that it was a soccer tournament. At 2am, I had stayed up to watch the German team win the championship. I have been a fan ever since. Today, 18 years later, I...

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