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They say that sometimes, walking out the door is the hardest part...

by Stephanie Marie

Greenville — But they would be wrong. The hardest part about going for a run is deciding what you’re going to think about the whole damn time. Before you lace up your shoes, before you pull back your hair, before you lift up one knee and push off with the opposite foot, finding a way to occupy your mind is a runner’s biggest priority. At least that how it is for me. When people ask me about my love for runni...

mother's Day

Annual mother's day anxiety...

by Stephanie Marie

Greenville — Here we go—Mother’s Day. I cringe when I log on to social media networks—Facebook is flooded with profile picture changes, status updates, old scanned-in photos of a Mom in short shorts and crazy curl...


I can't sleep in the dark anymore.

by Stephanie Marie

Greenville — I wind down. I scribble some writing, scroll through Instagram, take one last sip of water. I do a visual sweep of the room. Is anything amiss? Is anything rustling? No? Are you there? Good. I lay b...

marriage, Food

Smoothie ingredients are an absurd amount, but reflections are priceless…

by Stephanie Marie

Greenville — I finally set up my fancy schmancy Ninja blender… which would be quite a nice accomplishment, except it was gifted to me in mid-December (a Christmas present from the parents) and it’s been sitting on...

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