Stories in Hillsboro

Art, Observation, Perspective

Dear Crooked Collage On The Wall

by Jessica Standifird

Hillsboro — Dear Crooked Collage On The Wall, For days, I have been glimpsing you from the corner of my eye. I’ve even stood directly in front of you and debated setting you straight. But, my mother gave me stub...

Back to Nature, hiking

My favorite log so far today

by Jessica Standifird

Hillsboro — I am a fan of efficiency. I don’t like the idea of killing birds, but if I did, I would want to kill as many with one stone as I could. So, yesterday, I went on a hike. In a salmon colored dress and b...

drawing, Doodles, writing

Who doodles at a writing conference?

by Jessica Standifird

Hillsboro — Yesterday was a beautiful day in Oregon. You know the kind, sun’s out, temperature in the mid-70s, the occasional cotton-ball cloud sauntering across the sky. The kind of weather that gets every dog a...

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