Stories in Ithaca


New wine in old bottles. Pink. Sans Serif. Interesting.

by Shrutarshi Basu

Ithaca — There’s this wine store in the Commons. It’s made to look old and quaint, elegant even, what you might think a winery in France or Italy looked like (if you’ve never been to France or Italy). There, a...


What happens when poetically inclined computer scientists get bored?

by Shrutarshi Basu

Ithaca — Three Rings to the Theory-Kings, with their heads in the sky. Seven for the Systems-Lords, in their halls of code. Nine for the mortal MEng’s, doomed to graduate. One for the SDN Lord, on his control ...

restaurant, Food, People

You go to restaurants, you order, you eat your food, you pay, you leave a tip. Do you think of the people?

by Shrutarshi Basu

Ithaca — “After completing high school in my home country of Laos in 1976 I fled to Thailand because of the Communist regime takeover in Laos. “After my immigrant status application was approved, I arrived in...

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