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The Ocean, Skies

Gorgeous pastels at 7 this morning.

by Lloyd Nebres

Kula — I’ve lived in quite a few places, in my half a century of existence thus far, spanning southeast Asia and the western coast of North America. So I think I can say this with authority born of experience: it helps when you wake up to such colors in the morning. Simply: it sets the tone of the day. And if for some reason it already started off-kilter—say, having woken up from a bad dream, or woken u...

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Strawberry patch. The volcano's sunrise shadow creeping fast upcountry.

by Lloyd Nebres

Kula — The surprise of seeing that solid, dark expanse moving perceptibly towards my vantage point at around 3,000 feet—almost as if being pushed by the light further downslope—never gets old. It is a funct...

At Rice Park...

by Lloyd Nebres

Kula — Sunday, Jan. 5, 2014 Dear Lorien, Here I am at a small park off of Kula Highway, along the slopes of Haleakala Volcano. It’s up at the 3,500-foot elevation of the mountain. It’s so clear you not onl...

...and here my mother's ashes sleep. (Before clearing)

by Lloyd Nebres

Kula — It’s the hardest time of year, and never gets any easier. It’s hard because both mom and dad were clergy, and Advent was when they were busiest with their churches and congregations… and yet also wh...

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