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Nothing . . . .Sometimes I arrive at conclusions which are in fact just an alternate definition to the standard. I do this by downloading cosmic information.


Laguna niguel — I didn’t know about downloading till about 2002. It seems we all do this. To explain the phenomena, it’s how many people will all at once come up with the same design solution to a specific problem. They are really just tapping into a frequency in the universe. How?! By doing nothing really. Zoning out will get you there. Looking back in time, it seems I’ve had many of the same ideas that others w...

Everyone has a presence which effects the world. Regardless of what you think you do, other effects result.


Laguna niguel — Each person has a presence, whether they realize it or not. We have the ability to choose, and act, but regardless of the things we do, it is our presence which has an effect on everything around us. ...

Overlooking Dana Point Harbor, I tried my hand a nighttime photography. I'm hooked.

by Jonathon Quirk

Laguna niguel — Nothing comes sailing by itself. -Dave Anderson Go small, go simple, go now. -Larry Pardey, Cruising in “Seraffyn”

Old Faithful

by Max Triba

Laguna niguel — As luck would have it, nature graced us with not one, but two breathtaking events at Old Faithful. Minutes before the earth’s sphincter let out a wild ~100ft gush of hot water, I hear amongst the lig...

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