Stories in Lahaina

sunsets, Chance encounters, Conversations

There are a thousand quintillion clichés for every sunset. So, how was this one different? This: "Mandelstam. Brodsky. Anja."

by Lloyd Nebres

Lahaina — Thought it would be an ordinary extraordinary sunset this evening. As, the last thing I expected out of this Honokowai lightshow was an audible echo of the literary giants who have defined a meaningf...

landscapes, Beaches

Dusk, on the beach at Honokowai.

by Lloyd Nebres

Lahaina — I slip into the water, my black form both weightless and buoyant, and an intense familiarity envelops me instantly. I am back where I belong, six long months away on land and air yielding an aridity o...

A warm and cloudy day lead to breathtaking baby humpback whale sightings.

by Wes Mallgren

Lahaina — On a boat in the volcanic basin, a marine sanctuary, the humpback whales congregate to birth and mate. The boat found two babies, rare for them to be interacting, learning to breach the water with as...

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