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Kind of late, but commotion still plenty here. New Slang is playing.

by Donovan Bui

Long beach — “I’m looking in on the good life I might be doomed never to find.” I anticipate the end of the song, but it’s reduced to an intermittent whisper. The laughter and chatter all around me have been pers...

history, The Ocean, Discovery

the end of the Lewis & Clark trail whispers stories, as the sea gestures...

by Chris DeBarr

Long beach — There is an end to every road, a place where the dream logic of a journey reaches its hard, fast, inalienable conclusion. Most often the markers are physical and geographic, as when the pavement quits...

Ants taking over fallen wasp nest.

by Lisa Chun

Long beach — The wasps are nesting in the laundry room (a dilapidated shack in the back yard.) This one broke lose, now ants are eating it? The organized symmetry of the wasp nest fascinates me.

Before the hordes arrived.

by Taylor Davidson

Long beach — How the beach looked early in the morning, before the rest of America showed up. I don’t begrudge the thousands of people that independently decided that the beach was great activity for the day, but ...

I'm laying out the pages of my poetry book by hand. Old school. Not because I want to, cause I gotta.

by Lisa Chun

Long beach — I’m months behind on delivering my Kickstarter book of poetry. Multiple problems leading into the printing which I’m planning to do in-house. I laid the book out in InDesign but can’t get the booklet ...

Watching Long Island Medium - I believe in psychic phenom but wondering if it's possible to talk to dead people.

by Lisa Chun

Long beach — I’m sad for the people who have lost their loved ones. I’m glad they get some relief through talking to the medium. Also, do we leave behind energy that is a kind of narrative mapping (I love this ter...

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