Stories in Longmont

running, girls, Parenthood

A goo hiker.

by Sara Distin

Longmont — Running up a trail I take a couple times a week, I hopped a few rocks around a father toddling up with his daughter, she 3 or 4 years old, I guessed. As I passed she said, “That’s a goo hikeh.” “Yes...

(Colorful) Colorado was the Buffalo Plains State, the Lead State, the Columbine State, the Rocky Mountain State, and Mother of Rivers.

by Sara Distin

Longmont — In the middle of those towns that have been underwater for days is a long stretch of land surrounded by faraway ridges that sweep like waves. It’s been (so thankfully) safe and still under a deluge th...

Continuing our conversation about snakes,

by Sara Distin

Longmont — to recall the name of a red, black, and white-banded variety, my mom first said, “Hay.” Then, “Barn.” “No, cows.” “Milk. They’re milk snakes.”

I'm just sitting down to work, at the desk below a west facing window, in the basement of the house I grew up in.

by Sara Distin

Longmont — When I was here last summer, a trio of rabbits would often race around the outside of the whole house. I watched them pass by and by and by, sometimes faster, sometimes slower. Until one of them saw t...

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