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Here is where I'm learning how to work.

by Tyler Fisher

Mclean — I’m in the fifth week of my internship at Gannett Digital. It hit me that this job is, in fact, the first time I have ever worked one full-time job rather than a myriad of part-time jobs or attending school. A job where I come in every day of the week, sit down at a desk, and work on something. On my first day, I received a laptop, monitor, keyboard and mouse specifically for working at Gannett. E...

Dogs, Cuteness, sweet

Infinite affection tastes warm and fuzzy, as does a tepid coat in the raw air.

by Cody Rendon

Mclean — I had seen him, and something deep down, and I’m talking very deep down, told me to go for it. There was no reason I couldn’t get a dog. I was at home enough to take care of one, and I wasn’t allergic...

Love, Heartbreak, sad

heartbreak tastes like frozen tears, salty and sad with a side of loneliness, frozen in time.

by Cody Rendon

Mclean — A single tear fell onto my trembling lip, and slid onto my tongue and down my throat. I was at loss of words, frozen in time, that sharp moment of sadness and horror forever burned into my mind. We al...

gay, Frienships, Sadness

friendship tastes like sweet and salty caramel.

by Cody Rendon

Mclean — The other day, my best friend came out as bisexual, she had been very afraid of telling her loved ones and it had been a big step for her as a person. I had known before hand and she had asked me to b...

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