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Literary (digital) cartography

by Madison Griffin

Moscow — I lay my notebook down, lay down a sensual geography approaching the edge where cultivation cuts a clean line — -Linda Russo, “In Ordinary Landscapes”1 Before we had Street View and before phones could find my location on a map and lead me to the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport (nearly impossible to find without), all we had was Google Earth (and mapquest, but for some reason that’s still around). Yo...

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Planting my (digital) roots

by Madison Griffin

Moscow — Grandfather and his little terrier Bitsy live on the Arkansas side of Texarkana on a stretch of land we call Thomasville (after our family name). To emphasize how disconnected I felt from technology a...

Place, Space, and Digital Space. Triple distilled.

by Madison Griffin

Moscow — Our house is tall for a one-story home, with all but it’s rust-red roof obscured by a garden gone-wild. The grass was covered by pine cones from our lanky pine tree, by flowers from our crape myrtles ...

You are here.

by Madison Griffin

Moscow — I’ve never considered myself a tree-hugger. In fact, the number one cause of potted plant death is my attention. When I was still relatively new to camping (and being outside), I volunteered to go on...

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