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photography, Observation

One side to the other.

by Daniel Milnor

Newport beach — Images made within moments of one another. Wandering amid the masses of beach dwellers. Just shaking the dust off. A snap here, a snap there. Looking more than shooting. The distance is what is troubling at first, after so long in front of the screen, protected. Not here. Everything is open to the elements, including my eyes which dry and then water like a newborn. My depth is not quite right, but...

reflection, work

It'll get better. But it's gonna hurt first.

by Donovan Bui

Newport beach — Today was the most disappointing day of my professional career. I spent most of the afternoon trying to hide my embarrassment behind a forced smile. I don’t think I fooled many. When I got home I wan...

Photography is hours or prep and post but fractions of a second in implementation.

by Dane Sanders

Newport beach — The click by itself is totally overrated.

Morning ritual. Ate. Prayed. Loved. I'm staring at my screen. Screens. Unconsciously but intentionally distracted. Calls waiting. Resistant. Awake!

by Dane Sanders

Newport beach — The Ate/Prayed/Loved bit was meant to be a play on cliché. Ironically though I did start my day with some hot yoga, some time with Jesus, a good breakfast, some kisses with my wife and kids. Good stuf...

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